Imagine the sensation of flying over the water.

This feeling is achievable by doubling the engines of the original XO 270. As a result, a force of 500 horse powers is unleashed, enabling a speed up to 50 knots. In addition, this model is easy to handle at the harbor. An unbelievable user experience that makes driving really pleasant.

Length: 8,60 m
Beam: 2,59 m
Height above waterline: 2.50–2.75* m
Weight (excl. engines): 2 250 kg
Draft: 0.95 m
HP recommendation: Single 250-350 hp, Twin 150-250 hp
Fuel tank: 2 x 225 litres
Max. load: 10 persons
Berths: 1 + 2
Deadrise at Transom: 24°
CE category: C

Available in 3 color combinations:
XO Classic, White & Black

*with light mast

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